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Equipment and guidelines for organizing recycling programs and fundraisers

2009 Recycled Sculpture Contest
Click here to view photos of the winning entries.


Discover Recycling Fair
Click here for more information on this annual event held every September.

Organize a Recycling Program
Collection containers (small and large), program and coordination assistance, banners and promotional materials. Click here for Recycling Fundraisers -- coordinate or donate.
Educators Guide and Teacher Kit available from the state Department of Health (DOH). This link will take you to the DOH website. Contact Jennifer Tosaki at 586-4226 or jennifer.tosaki@doh.hawaii.gov
Links to recycling container vendors.

Recycling Projects
OPALA MENSA PROJECTS --There's genius in recycling, and we want to encourage such creative thinking and application with our kids. Select from a list of project ideas for your school and classroom. Request assistance through the Recycling Teaching Partner program and earn rewards for the participating students. See information on Recycling Teaching Partners below. For student rewards, complete and submit a project completion form. Rewards will be sent to the teacher for distribution to their students. Rewards include a recycled duffle tote bag made of 100% plastic soda bottles containing cool stuff -- freebie coupons, CD’s, recycled products.
Projects and reports submitted by teachers and students
Click here for a printable 27-page Recycled Art Projects Guide.

Recycling Teaching Partners
The City has compiled a list of qualified Recycling Teaching Partners (RTP) that are available to come to your school to assist in educating, motivating or coordinating recycling activities. The RTP is paid directly by the City or supported through private-sector sponsors (Castle & Cooke Hawaii is the current sponsor). Schools can request Recycling Teaching Partners’ assistance for up to $500 per school. Here’s what you do: 1) Think about a recycling project or activity you would like to do in your classroom or on your campus. Some project ideas are presented above in the Recycling Projects section or propose your own project. 2) Review the list of qualified Recycling Teaching Partners, and select the one you want to assist you to coordinate or enhance your recycling project. 3) Complete the Recycling Project Proposal Form and submit it to the City.
Recycling Project Proposal form (Request for RTP)
Recycling Teaching Partner overview
Recycling Teaching Partner projects in the works
Recycling Education Performances
Talkin' Trash
It Starts with a Can
Recycling Education Workshops
The Green House
Waikiki Worm - Vermicomposting
The Hawaii Nature Center
Eve's Trees

Recycling Field Trips
Customize a Tour de Trash for your class or sign up for a scheduled tour. Special teacher tour coordinated annually in April.

Educational Resources and Tools
Recycle Hawaii Teacher Kits were distributed to every school in Hawaii to the school library or resource center. The kits include curriculum guides, videos, slide shows, interactive CDs. See your school librarian or call the City's Recycling Office at 768-3200.
Weblinks to books, games, project kits, educational websites, online activities.
Have fun and take the Opala IQ Quiz. You can tour this site's web pages through the questions, and if you're very opala akamai, you could qualify for the Opala Mensa Society.

Recycling Graphics, Video, PowerPoints, Music
Graphic files for creating your own flyers, posters, newsletters or inserting into papers and reports.
Video clips of TV spots on recycling and illegal dumping.
PowerPoint presentations on recycling, waste management.
Recycling songs written and performed by Henry Kapono, Jack Johnson and the Lava Jam Band. Music, lyrics and guitar chords.
Recycled Art - photos from the City's award-winning Art of Recycling Calendar series.

Additional Resources
The Kokua Hawaii Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Jack Johnson that supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii. The Kokua Festival is the Kokua Hawaii Foundation's annual benefit event that brings together environmental organizations, eco-friendly businesses, musicians, artists, teachers and community leaders to promote environmental awareness in Hawaii.

Fostering Sustainable Behavior
Getting People to Do the Right Thing - or how to get more people to do more of the right things to protect our environment. Learn about Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr's approach in community-based social marketing.

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